Volterra Tuscany

Volterra is a great town in Tuscany that was once an important Etruscan center, and it has a long and amazing history. For many years, it was under the control of Florence, and then, when the Florentine Republic fell in 1530, the town fell under the control of the Medici Family, and later the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. Today, the area is popular with visitors, although one will not have to deal with the same crowds as they might in other parts of Tuscany.

The town has quite a few great sights that most visitors would love to see. The Roman Theatre dates back to the first century BC, and was only uncovered about sixty years ago. One of the famous art galleries in town, The Pinacoteca, has been around since 1905. It features some of the best work from Tuscan artists from the 14th century to about the 17th century.

Architecture is another popular draw in Volterra, just as it is in other areas of Italy. The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, which dates from medieval times, is popular, and it is home to some great pieces of art including paintings from Santi di Tito. The city walls and gates are popular attractions, too.

The Guarnacci Etruscan Museum has quite a few interesting exhibits as well, including some funeral urns that date back to the Hellenistic period.

Travelers who are looking for a great base of operations are going to be able to find quite a few things to love about Volterra. The town has some great places to stay, places to dine and shop, and places to visit. Many spend time experiencing the various regions of the city, and some then head out into the countryside to find places to experience nature and visit some of the areas smaller villages.

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