Lido di Camaiore

Lido di Camaiore

Lido di Camaiore or Beach of Camaiore is a small town located along the coast, near the coastal city of Camaiore, in the province of Lucca, in Tuscany, Italy. The beach of Lido de Camaiore stretches for 4 km, meeting the Ligurian Sea with its sandy shore. At one end, the beach meets the coastal area of Viareggio and on the other, it continues until it reaches the Marina di Pietrasanta.

With the sea on one horizon and the hills of the Apuan Alps on the other, Lido de Camaiore is located within beautiful surroundings that are characteristic of the Tuscan region.

Tourists began visiting this coastal region in the 20th century, after many rich Italian locals spent their vacations here in those days. Today, however, the weather in Lido de Camaiore is usually pleasant and with the construction of a new promenade near the seaside, this place has become famous for its sunny beaches and countless resorts.

Locals and tourists alike can use the new promenade to reach the seaside, with the pier consisting of several shops and stores, and being decorated with flowers, trees, and other plants. There is also a free parking area located nearby so that people visiting the beach can easily reach it via private transportation. There is also a cycling route available on the promenade for people who love the sport.

The promenade is built beside a long line of high-class hotels and resorts, each of which offer amazing food and customer services to their guests. The area itself is clean, well maintained, and beautiful, due to its neighborhood, where large villas are situated, surrounded by gardens, parks, monumental statues and fountains, wide roads and fully functional public utilities.

Lido de Camaiore also provides a number of sporting activities, such as, surfing, diving, swimming, football, golf, tennis, volleyball, horse riding, and hiking. Thus, if you are fond of fun in the outdoors, this is the destination to visit in the summer months.

If you visit the Lido de Camaiore in the summer season, you can also enjoy your day with your children at the Luna Park, which is a theme park where lots of games and activities can keep you busy for hours along with your little ones.

For a lesson in history, move inland towards Camaiore, where several monumental structures and architectural buildings can be found that relate the tale of this historic region; or travel further within Tuscany to visit the famous tourist locations of Florence, Pisa and other areas.

Lido de Camaiore is strategically located to provide tourists with the best of everything, from amusement to history. So pack your bags and head for a Tuscan vacation at this modern beach resort town!

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