Montalcino Tuscany

One of the things that make the hill town of Montalcino famous is the renowned Brunello di Montalcino wine. The town sits atop a hill and looks into the verdant valleys that surround it including the Arbia, Ombrone, and Asso valleys.

Montalcino is yet another one of the Tuscan towns that has been a settlement since Etruscan times. The location of the town made it important throughout history, and the city was a part of many battles throughout the Middle Ages.

As with many of the towns, the economy has been up and down, and thanks to the popular wine, it is again on the upswing. This town may well be a great place for you to take your next vacation in Italy.

For those who are traveling, Montalcino has quite a bit to offer. Travelers are going to be able to experience some of the city’s most popular sites, such as the medieval walls that date back to the 1200s. The massive fortress in Montalcino is another site that tends to draw visitors. The Duomo dedicated to San Salvatore in the 14th century is another historic and architectural marvel that many love to see and photograph.

A host of other buildings from medieval times makes up the rest of the city’s historic center. The money that the area and buildings make off tourism actually goes into preserving the buildings. While the older buildings have historic value and make for great photos because of the architectural style, the city holds other things of interest, as well.

Great eateries are available in the city, as are some wonderful places to shop and to dine.
One of the other great things about visiting Montalcino is the fact that it is still largely free of the tourist crowds that gather in other areas of Tuscany.

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