Villa Lauretana
Villa Lauretana is situated in the heart of the Val D’Orcia (Orcia Valley), near the town of Torrita di Siena, in the province of Siena, within Tuscany, Italy. The villa is surrounded by the green Tuscan landscape on all sides and is an ideal location to discover and travel to other tourist destinations within... Read more
Montalcino Tuscany
One of the things that make the hill town of Montalcino famous is the renowned Brunello di Montalcino wine. The town sits atop a hill and looks into the verdant valleys that surround it including the Arbia, Ombrone, and Asso valleys. Montalcino is yet another one of the Tuscan towns that has been a... Read more
Palazzo Comunale Montepulciano
Towns perched atop hills are quite popular throughout the Tuscan region. They offered a strategic advantage, and this was very important when these towns came into existence during the medieval times and the Renaissance. Montepulciano is one such town, and it could be a great place for travelers to take their next Italian holiday.... Read more
Val d'Orcia Tuscany
Tuscany is one of the most beautiful and popular places to visit for those who are traveling to Italy and within the Tuscan region are a number of smaller areas that are ripe for exploration. One of those areas, the Val d’Orcia, goes from the hills just south of Siena to Monte Amiata. The... Read more