Palazzo Comunale Montepulciano

Towns perched atop hills are quite popular throughout the Tuscan region. They offered a strategic advantage, and this was very important when these towns came into existence during the medieval times and the Renaissance. Montepulciano is one such town, and it could be a great place for travelers to take their next Italian holiday.

Located in southern Tuscany in the province of Siena, the town is famous for wine, cheese, pork, and many other food items. Aside from the many culinary delights that travelers will find in Montepulciano, the area boasts quite a few other cultural attractions that should be on just about every itinerary.

One of the places that visitors might wish to see while in town is the Palazzo Comunale, a great gathering place that has some beautiful architecture. Palazzo Tarugi is another place to head while in the city.

Duomo of Montepulciano, a cathedral created from 1594 to 1680 has impressive architecture, and it houses a huge triptych called the Assumption of the Virgin by Taddeo di Bartolo. The painting dates to 1401. Other area churches are just as impressive and they will make perfect stops for people who are interested in history or architecture.

One interesting fact that may entice some to visit is the fact that a part of New Moon from the Twilight Saga was filmed there. Montepulciano served as a stand-in for the city of Volterra.

Visitors will be able to find some great places to experience outside the hilltop town as well. Nearby villages are always great to discover, and one can find trails throughout the area to experience the beauty of the region up close.

No matter what type of vacation you might be planning, you will find that Montepulciano can be a great place to stay during all of your Tuscan adventures.

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