Devils Bridge Garfagnana Tuscany

Located in the northwestern part of Tuscany, Garfagnana has quite an interesting history, as well as some great places for travelers to visit. Those who love the outdoors and who enjoy hiking should have a great time in this mountainous and woodsy region. This area happens to be one of the rainiest in the country, and that means it is quite green here, and the vegetation is thick. Other than the hills in other parts of Tuscany, the region is flat, so the mountains of Garfagnana are a welcome sight to many who are looking for a vigorous hike in a truly breathtaking landscape.

One of the reasons that many people love the area is because it does not have the same high level of tourism as many other areas of Tuscany. They do not have to deal with the tour buses and the lines as they might in Florence.

Instead, they are able to experience this hidden jewel on their own. The region features two mountain ranges, the Apuan Alps and the Tuscan-Emilian Appennines.

Walk the trails, bike, and visit some of the smaller area villages that have places to stay as well as some great dining and shopping options on a small scale. Garfagnana is a historical region, as well, and you can see this in the architecture. Many of the villages and the buildings in those villages date back many hundreds of years to the Middle Ages. History buffs will have as great of a time in the region as those who love the outdoors!

The region is great for some true Tuscan cooking that is not watered down for the tourists. Visit the area of Garfagnana when you want to have a relaxed holiday in a land of unparalleled beauty. It is a perfect place to get in touch with nature and to experience some of the culture of northern Tuscany.

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