If you are looking for a peaceful destination for your next vacation, then look no further. Visit Montaione, a small, quaint village in the Florence province of Tuscany, Italy. Located more than 300 meters above sea level, this village has a lot of culture, art and history to offer.

It is very near to the cities of Florence, Siena, San Gimignano and Volterra and also, just a few kilometers away is the Sacro Monte di San Vivaldo (the Sacred Mount of San Vivaldo) which is also known as Tuscany’s Jerusalem. Pilgrims come here each year to visit a group of temples and churches built on the mount and this place holds great religious significance for them.

The history of the village is not well known, however, it used to be under the ruling of San Miniato until the 13th century.

Afterwards, people rebelled against the rule and the area is now under Florentine rule. Many of its architecture suffered damage in the battle between Pisa and Florence, and had to be restored.

Aside from the beautiful green countryside, this village offers architectural sites like the San Regolo Church that was built in the 12th century and the Palazzo Pretorio (i.e. the Pretorian Palace, which also hosts the civic museum).

You can also visit Montaione’s Roman Cistern to discover how early inhabitants of the valley used to store their water. The cistern was discovered in an area called Il Muraccio in the 60s and consists of three separate but communicating water basins dating back to the second century.

This village developed through its agricultural and glass-blowing industry. Real industrialization only came after the Second World War. The local produce includes wines, olives, saffron, cheese and white truffles. You can go on a tasting tour to try some of these rich and fresh products or take in a panoramic view of the region by going on a hike or a horseback ride through the area. Fields of sunflowers also surround the entire region, adding to its beauty.

From June to September, you will be greeted by the Summer Festival at Montaione and every October-November, the village hosts its Produce Market, where you get to taste and purchase these delicious delicacies right on the streets.

In the nearest district, Castelfalfi, you can play a round of golf at the Castelfalfi Golf and Country Club. For those of you who enjoy sports, Montaione offers not only golf, but also biking and hiking through the luscious countryside on rental bikes.

If your children love animals, bring them over to the main base of the Italian Horse Protection Association, which is an animal sanctuary located in the Filicaja parish of Montaione.

Go to a lake for a full day of fishing and picnicking amid the woods or choose to take a bus tour to the other surrounding cities near Montaione. This area specializes in leather goods, so buy something for yourself while you’re on vacation! Have fun!

Providing its visitors with sports, traditional foods, unique historical architecture and a glorious view to wake up to each morning, this little village of Montaione is the perfect spot for anyone wanting a time of quiet relaxation.

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