La Valle Farm

La Valle Farm Montaione

If you want to enjoy a vacation within the Tuscan landscape, get accommodation at the La Valle Farm where luscious green surroundings invite you to a truly relaxing and fun filled experience. Located near the town of Montaione, the farmhouse has land spread over a wide area with numerous activities to offer to its guests.

The area itself provides a sense of calm and serenity to people who take up accommodation in this beautiful countryside. Being closely located to a number of famed Italian tourist locations, such as, Florence, Siena, Pisa, and Lucca;

along with being in proximity of the local towns like, Volterra, San Gimignano, and San Miniato; this farm is the ideal vacation getaway for a Tuscan holiday.

The farm has two tourist complexes named La Valle and Fignano. Both of these complexes are located within the recently renovated old farmhouses and can accommodate a large number of guests with ease and comfort. Whether you wish to rent an apartment or a house, these complexes can offer you the best of modern amenities and services.

The La Valle Apartments are 6 individual holiday cottages that have red tiled roofs and maintain the true Tuscan style of décor where being completed renovated to be equipped with modern features. All of these apartments contain a completely furnished accommodation with a kitchen, along with necessary appliances and electronic devices, such as, television, telephone, Internet access, and an electric fan in each bedroom. The apartments are also provided with mosquito nets and a fireplace.

Guests staying at the La Valle Apartments can enjoy tennis on the courts outside or swimming in the two pools on the property. The farm offers home cooked meals and the finest of wines and regional delicacies.

The Fignano Homes on the other hand, provide rental houses to tourists visiting Tuscany. This part of the property includes 3 villas that are located within a beautiful park, each of these villas has been refined and renovated with splendor and boasts its Tuscan origins while being completely modern and state of the art. The facilities provided to the guests at the Fignano homes include; a fireplace, a television, a dishwasher, a Jacuzzi, an electric fan, a mosquito net and Internet access; along with swimming at the farm’s pools and tennis at La Valle with prior reservations.

If you are looking for privacy and security, Fignano homes are the best rental option for you as the area is fully enclosed and the park contain various seasonal fruits and vegetables for the guests to enjoy.

Along with these facilities, horse riding, mountain biking, golf, and other sports can also be enjoyed by the guests at the La Valle Farm, by commuting to the nearby towns and cities.

La Valle Farm has a lot to offer to its visitors and roaming the surrounding countryside on long hikes is a true joy. Experience Tuscany’s beauty at its best at the La Valle Farm by renting the La Valle Apartments or the Fignano Homes for your next vacation!

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